ECITE 2012 // Berne - Switzerland // 27 July to 4 August 2012


After having received a good amount of applications, we are now forming this year's ECITE according to your suggestions and remarks of interest. Below, you can find a provisional schedule and some definitions about time slots.


The Forum will provide the opportunity to discuss on a theoretical level CI issues under the guidance (inputs / presentation) of a tandem of facilitators (ECITE participants). Not primarily the practice, but the meta-theoretical discourse is in the foreground. If you wish to facilitate a FORUM-evening, or If you want to suggest a theme, please contact us

Possible themes so far for forums
- identity and dissimilation //
- politcal implications and messages //
- CI: dance without aggression? //
- to much touch? intimacy, sexuality, gender //
- no money needed? Dancing and teaching under difficult economical premises //

„ongoing groups“
A group - consistent throughout the event - selects a CI specific topic which will be processed within the specified time frame.

Time slots with defined topics - participants of the labs may change with each lab or a group of people may decide to keep researching on a topic over several days.

Provisional schedule for ECITE 12 in Berne


Credits : Drawings Peter Aerni