ECITE 2012 // Berne - Switzerland // 27 July to 4 August 2012

Arrival / how to get there

Kirchbergerstrasse 60, 3008 Bern, Telefon 031 370 12 12,

Airports to get into Switzerland

  • Zürich (1.5 hours from Berne)
  • Basel (1 hour from Berne)
  • Geneva (2 hours from Berne)

    Traveling from the Airports to Berne
    For train schedules visit the swiss railways website :
    Caution: travelers can no longer buy tickets on the train. There is a fine of additional 80€ if you board without a valid ticket. Furthermore, you may want to watch out for "super savers tickets" and other special offers. If you find cheap tickets online, please let us know, we will post the information asap here on the website.

    From the main railway station Berne to the "Weissenheim" (15 min)
    Public Transport is the easiest way to get around in Berne. A local bus (Bus / Tram) will get you from the Berne main train station to Weissenheim. Take Bus No 10 direction “Koeniz Schlieren” to the stop “Duebystrasse”. From Duebystrasse walk a few steps back; on your left go through a wooden gate and follow the path along the meadow towards the colorful buildings. ECITE signs will guide you from there on.

    Traveling by car
    We encourage you to travel by public transport because we can not garantee parking on the area and parking on public ground is expensive. If you travel by car: Exit the freeway A12 at exit 12 “Bern-Buempliz”. At the first traffic light turn left towards “Koeniz” and onto "Weissenheimstrasse”. At the second traffic light go straight and stay on “Weissenheimstrasse” till you reach the third traffic light. There turn right into “Koenizstrasse”. This will take you under an overpass. 100meters ahead turn left into “Kirchbergstrasse” (“Kirchbergstrasse” is a residential area – caution children). At the V-section on “Kirchbergstrasse” take the left and after 100m there will be a sign “Weissenheim”. At the sign turn right into the dead end street and park your car along the wall of the right side. The entrance of “Weissenheim” is located at the end of the dead end street.

  • Credits : Drawings Peter Aerni