notes about this documentation


ECITE12 in Berne was rich and full of exchange, exploration, working and living together. Many people contributed to this documentation, thank you for bringing your spirit and ideas to create spaces and feed the exchange - thank you for contributing and sharing writings, pictures and video-clips. Colleen Bartley and Jo Blowers have been collecting material during ECITE as "documentation work studies", Colleen did a great job on organizing the material - without them there would not be an ECITE12 documentation.

Using material
Please respect copyright and personal rights on the material. Feel free to use it for your own work under the following rules:
- always ask people on images if it's ok for them if you use the image
- refer to where the material/image/writing is coming from and mention people involved in its original creation including photographers reference

If you want to download something, there are two options:
- right upper corner, you find most of the time an arrow to download all images in a zip file (medium resolution)
- on each foto subpage, there is an arrow on the lower corner to download this particular image (high resolution)

By the end of September, I'm sitting in a beautifull little wooden house in the Canadian Woods and finished the compilation of contributed documents. Some weeks before, Peter Aerni wrote me a message mentioning that ECITE and contact improvisation is living on a strong verbal tradition - I think this is very true. CI is a vivid form not meant to be too much put in structures and files. Never less its nice to have documentation to look up writings, remember moments, having image material for the own work. Enjoy browsing through the documentation and see you again at ECITE or another CI event.

Greetings from the woods,
for the ECITE 2012 Team,
Tinu Hettich